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Handprint Examples
Preserve your child's handprint and the memories you have of them at the age they are today.  These handprint art pieces look adorable hanging in a hallway or family room. Or choose a handprint animal to compliment a theme in your child's bedroom.  Buy one of the Handprint Art Kits and get started today.
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Handprint Art Kits:
Bear, Camel, Cat, Cheetah, Coral, Cow, Deer, Dinosaur, Dog, Dolphin, Dragon, Elephant, Giraffe (Realistic and Whimsical), Goat, Hippo, Horse, Lamb, Lion (Realistic and Whimsical), Monkey, Moose, Octopus (Realistic and Whimsical), Panda, Peacock, Penguin, Pig, Porcupine, Rhino, Shark, Sock Monkey, Tiger, Turtle, Whale (Realistic and Whimsical), Wolf, Zebra

Holiday Handprint Art Kits:
Black Cat, Jack-O-Lantern; Pumpkin, Turkey; Rudolf, Santa, Christmas Tree