Handprint Creations is the online home where childhood can be preserved one handprint, or footprint, at a time.
All Ideas and Images are the sole property of Stephanie Elton and are protected by copyrights. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Your child's or infant's handprint or footprint will be transformed into an amazing, original painting.  Choose from the lists below...
Thanksgiving Theme
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Customized Art Kits
Want to have a customized art print? Do you have a baby room theme you'd like to use?  We can arrange to have two hands, two feet, or a mix of the two on the same painting.  Call or email Stephanie for details.  SeeFeatured Prints for examples.
Stephanie's new book, "A Collection of Handprint and Footprint Art, with helpful tips"​

This book is perfect for the 'do-it-yourself, crafty' type of person. It has my entire collection of handprint and footprints painting examples.  The book lists the paintings alphabetically in handprint, footprint, and holiday sections and includes helpful tips for the creative at heart.​

Footprint Art Kits:
Alligator, Bald Eagle, Bat, Beaver, Bumble Bee, Caterpillar, Dinosaur, Dolphin, Duck (Mallard), Frog, Gorilla, Iguana, Koala, Lighthouse, Monkey, Monsters, Mouse, Owl, Parrot, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Quilted Dog, Rabbit, Raccoon, Race Car, Rooster, Rubber Ducky, Sea Horse, Seal, Skunk, Snail, Sock Monkey, Squirrel, Stork, Toucan, Walrus, Whale (Orca)
Handprint Art Kits:
Bear, Camel, Cat, Cheetah, Coral, Cow, Deer, Dinosaur, Dog, Dolphin, Dragon, Elephant, Giraffe (Realistic and Whimsical), Goat, Hippo, Horse, Lamb, Lion (Realistic and Whimsical), Monkey, Moose, Octopus (Realistic and Whimsical), Panda, Peacock, Penguin, Pig, Porcupine, Rhino, Shark, Sock Monkey, Tiger, Turtle, Whale
(Realistic and Whimsical), Wolf, Zebra
Footprints: Ghosts, Frankenstein Monster; Indian Corn, Indian, Pilgrim; Snowman, Stocking
Handprints: Black Cat, Jack-O-Lantern; Pumpkin, Turkey; Rudolf, Santa, Christmas Tree
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